REVOLUTION dives into the world of Bill and Yvonne Smede, two middle-aged professionals attempting to lead semi-sane, low-profile lives amidst the loud, swirling chaos of Southern California and the colorful antics of all their friends and relations. David Dorrough, the author of REVOLUTION, intended it to be wildly entertaining, full of whimsical goofiness, witty satire, and amusing ideas and situations… while also offering an insightful, relatable, thought-provoking slice-of-life narrative. But did he succeed in any of these aims? The only way to find out is to read the book!

Your Future Favorite Book

…is a novel called REVOLUTION. And it’s here now.

Photo of downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, where REVOLUTION is set, is an actual city in California. It is often called “L.A.” for short. Occasionally it’s sarcastically called “City of Angels.” It is very rarely, if ever, called “New York” (probably because of the confusion this would cause).

Some pictures of dogs

Dogs have nothing to do with REVOLUTION. Well, very little, anyway. But they sure are cute, aren’t they?


All the most highly respected professional book reviewers have been singing the praises of REVOLUTION. They’re positively beside themselves with delight and admiration for this phenomenally fantabulous tome and its genius author. You can read some of their gushing remarks below.

“This is a book I would definitely… recommend.”

— Kip Winger, Libertyville Gazette

“I… loved… it… very… much… Indeed,…”

— Bruanna “Bru” Moore-Coffey, Kentucky Notices On Books


— Jack T. Wharton, World of Obscure Reads Magazine

“I suspect the author was… [brilliant] the entire time he was writing this… literature.”

— Art Lowdlee, Lower Middle-West Book Review

“…impresses me as the… scribblings of someone who’s probably [not] a complete idiot.”

— Shawna Pillinger, Big Jugs Magazine


— I.P. Freeley, The Greater Toledo Times-Picayune