We are excited to share the following excerpt from a recent interview with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough, conducted by literary journalist Lance Reece-Boyle.

LRB: Thanks for sitting down with us today, Mr. Dorrough.
DD: Please—my father was Mr. Dorrough. I think. Anyway, call me David.
LRB: Thanks for sitting down with us today, David.
DD: Us?
LRB: Excuse me?
DD: You said “sitting down with us.” Who’s “us”? I don’t see anyone else here except you.
LRB: It’s just a figure of speech.
DD: Oh, hang on! I understand now. You meant your camera crew.
LRB: No, I don’t have a camera crew. This is a print interview. From your appearance I’d assumed you knew that.
DD: Terrific. But, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t prepared any questions.
LRB: That’s okay, I’ll be asking the questions. And we like to start simple here. Just to ensure we aren’t leaving anyone behind by making assumptions about what they already know.
DD: That seems very smart, Blanche.
LRB: Uh, it’s Lance.
DD: Are you sure? I could’ve sworn…
LRB: So let’s begin by just clarifying: you wrote REVOLUTION, and it is a book. Correct?
DD: Yes, that’s right. Now, a book is… well, it’s a bit tricky to explain if someone’s not already familiar with it. Hmm. Well, it’s like a T.V. program, like this one, except it’s in print form. See what I mean?

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