Ooh, another exclusive!

We are excited to share another excerpt from a recent interview with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough, conducted by highly esteemed literary journalist Lance Reece-Boyle.

LRB: Isn’t it true that, prior to writing this book, you’d had no experience with writing fiction, or anything else, for that matter?
DD: Yes, correct.
LRB: And you’d had no formal training as a writer, either, right?
DD: Yes, that’s right, Lance. Of course. Isn’t all of this obvious from reading the book?
LRB: Um, well…
DD: Did you even read it?
LRB: Um, well…
DD: Because it’s pretty plain, Lance, from even a cursory glance at… well, any single page of this book, that not only am I lacking training and prior experience, but also sorely lacking in basic intelligence.
LRB: Um, well…
DD: As, apparently, are you, too.

Published by Revolution Novel

Humorous modern slice-of-life fiction set in Los Angeles

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