A dollar’s worth of free advice

Over the past several weeks, many aspiring readers of REVOLUTION have contacted us to say that, though they’re very eager to read it, some issue or other with the book is challenging them. So we thought we’d address the most commonly cited difficulties here. First of all we want to make it clear that, regardless of any problems you might be having with REVOLUTION, you should definitely still read it (and buy it), and should definitely encourage everyone you’ve ever met to do the same. Okay, now for specifics. Some people have complained that REVOLUTION is too long. To remedy this, we suggest skipping every other chapter; you are unlikely to miss anything important. Oddly enough, other people have complained the book is too short. To those folks we suggest reading each chapter twice. By far the most common complaint we’ve received about REVOLUTION is that it’s too boring. Easily resolved: just read it while intoxicated. Finally, a few people have complained that they are unable to read REVOLUTION because they don’t know how to read. Thankfully, REVOLUTION was created with the very special quality that all its valuable content can be absorbed into the mind through osmosis. Simply purchase three paperback copies and place them underneath your pillow each night before bed.

Published by Revolution Novel

Humorous modern slice-of-life fiction set in Los Angeles

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