Yet another exclusive!

We are very excited to bring you another exclusive excerpt from the extensive interview Lance Reece-Boyle recently conducted with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough.

LRB: I recognize the next part of this interview might be somewhat uncomfortable for you…
DD: Well, every part of it has been uncomfortable, Lance. This chair you gave me is hard as a rock.
LRB: Uh, sorry about that. But anyway, I was saying, I always try to be thorough in my conversations with authors, even when it means asking some tough questions.
DD: That seems very smart, Lance.
LRB: Now, a lot of reviewers have said some rather unfavorable things about your book.
DD: What? No. I think you’ve probably got my book confused with someone else’s book.
LRB: I’m looking at a review now that sums up REVOLUTION as “the boring and nonsensical ramblings of a shockingly feeble mind.”
DD: Okay… Not really sure what your point is.
LRB: This one here is unusually blunt—it just says, “This novel is one of the worst ever written.”
DD: Well, Lance, you have to consider the source.
LRB: The source is a highly respected book critic with decades of professional experience.
DD: Hmm.
LRB: Here’s one that asserts that REVOLUTION is “worthless… in fact, worse than worthless.”
DD: Well, most things in life, if we’re honest, match that description. When thinking of reading my book, you need to look at it relative to the alternatives.
LRB: Here’s another one. It characterizes REVOLUTION as “an unwelcome, uninteresting and totally unnecessary addition to the L.A. literary canon.”
DD: Well, at least I made it into the canon, you know? I mean, I think that’s pretty good.

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