The two types of people

To those of you who have already purchased at least one copy of REVOLUTION: bravo. Be sure to give yourself a well-deserved round of applause and/or pat on the back just as soon as you’ve bought another copy and convinced someone else to do the same. To the rest of you: we completely understand your situation. Failure to do the smart, obvious, natural thing does not reflect any flaws in your basic character; it’s simply that you’ve been short on money, or short on time, or you suspect the book of being worthless garbage and have no desire to read it. Yet the awareness of your lapse in reasonable, responsible behavior continues to gnaw away at you day and night—you’re mortified by the thought of being “out of the loop,” or not considered “cool” or “sexy” by all the high-flyers who are discussing REVOLUTION with each other at cocktail parties while chuckling smugly. Well, we have a very simple solution to your dilemma. Oh, no, wait… actually we don’t. Oops. Anyway, just buy the book.

Published by Revolution Novel

Humorous modern slice-of-life fiction set in Los Angeles

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