A novel decades in the making

When David Dorrough first sat down to write REVOLUTION… he found it much easier than when he’d been writing standing up. We’re just joking, of course. Sometimes we like to indulge in a bit of humor here, heh. No, what we were actually going to say is that when David first sat down to write REVOLUTION, he couldn’t have imagined that one day there’d be an entire fabulous website, full of engrossing, erudite posts like this one, devoted to his book. Granted, he didn’t even know what websites were, much less the fact that pretty much anybody can get one. But still, pretty miraculous how everything has unfolded with REVOLUTION, isn’t it? Truly inspiring. And it doesn’t stop there, either! Did you know there was a time when David Dorrough didn’t know how to write, or even how to read? It’s true. He had to learn how to read (assisted by many caring, noble, wonderful people) so that he could begin writing REVOLUTION several decades later. Yes, we know you’re speechless right now, with a full heart. Take a moment to wipe away your tears and collect yourself before clicking the Buy button at the top of this page.

Published by Revolution Novel

Humorous modern slice-of-life fiction set in Los Angeles

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