Games are fun!

You probably already know that REVOLUTION is fabulous for many activities, like weighing down a stack of papers on your desk, propping a door open, wrapping fish, and possibly reading. But you probably didn’t know that REVOLUTION can also be the source of many hours of mirth playing fun games with your family and friends. It’s true! For example, one great game is where you name as many characters as you can think of; another is to compete at ranking the characters in order of how many times they’re mentioned in the book (an answer key for both of these games is included inside every copy of REVOLUTION). You can also create your own awesome games by all of you buying and reading the book and then sharing ideas about what sort of game you might enjoy, e.g. Candy Land. But by far the best REVOLUTION-inspired game is the one in which all players compete to see who can purchase the most copies. It’s easy to play—check out all the simple ways to do it here. So come on, who wants to have some fun? Get out there and play to win!

Published by Revolution Novel

Humorous modern slice-of-life fiction set in Los Angeles

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