We all know it’s not easy being a 21st century middle-aged, well-educated American with a decent job, no major health issues, no legal or financial problems, and plenty of family and friends. But most of us are pretty short on details. What exactly are the day-to-day challenges, not to mention the innermost mental and emotional processes, of folks struggling through this existence? REVOLUTION attempts to illuminate these mysteries, and many more as well, by delving deeply into the lives of several such people. Join them as they laugh, cry, love, and hate. Share in their sweet triumphs and their devastating failures. Ride along with them as they courageously press onward, learning and growing, facing immense obstacles, rising up, finding a way, charting a course, chasing their dreams… all against the magnificent, paradise-like backdrop of Los Angeles, California.

REVOLUTION is a novel, meaning its contents are entirely fictional. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fiction offers lots of wonderful stuff like characters and settings and plotlines. It’s also well established that fiction is less strange than truth, so if you hate strangeness, works of fiction are the works for you. Furthermore, there’s a rule enforced on fiction that it has to make sense. A quick glance at any piece of nonfiction (particularly a chemistry textbook or the Congressional Record) will demonstrate that no such rule applies to it. So if you want what you’re reading to make sense, choose fiction! And best of all, fiction tends to be less boring (though this might not be the case for REVOLUTION).