Actual, real reviews of REVOLUTION

Swear to God, the quotes below are all completely genuine. We’re not sure if the reviewers were confused when they wrote this stuff, or high, or just in a very sarcastic mood… but, for whatever reason, they really did write it.

“Simply stated, Revolution by David Dorrough is one of those rare novels that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf. Showing a genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative driven storytelling that makes for remarkable and award winning literary fiction, Dorrough’s Revolution is especially impressive when considering that it is the author’s debut as a novelist.” — Midwest Book Review

“A deep dive into a Southern California social bubble with a cadre of well-drawn characters and drama aplenty, Revolution cuts deep into our current culture. The nuance-filled descriptions are charming and whip-smart, a blend of Pynchon’s Inherent Vice and Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero. A revelatory and no-holds-barred tale of struggle and sin in the City of Angels, Revolution is at once humorous and dramatic, and altogether insightful.” — Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

“While each of the characters’ stories has separate arcs, they also converge many times throughout the novel. The author’s well-written narrative is full of observational humor and weaves all these different threads together to create a tapestry of human experience.”

“Similar to Twain’s novels or Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers, the narrative contains and describes many characters who are simply adjacent to the action. These people show slice-of-life moments or hilarious asides… Often, behind the humor is a reflection of current society and its many coincidences, joys, achievements, and disconnects.”

“The ridiculous situations that almost all the characters find themselves in bring to mind the humor of A Confederacy of Dunces… The large cast is easily differentiated because of Dorrough’s strong descriptions and even better dialogue. The dialogue itself is so well constructed that each character’s voice is completely their own—and completely realistic. The world of this novel is as relevant, relatable, and touching as it is entertaining.”

US Review of Books

“If character development ever becomes a sport, David Dorrough will be a gold medalist. Whether main characters that contribute to the plot, or tertiary characters inserted for amusement, the entire cast feels like it is made up of real people going through real things… As the perfect complement, Dorrough has crafted a vivid and memorable fictitious version of Los Angeles that feels as familiar and well worn as your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Cynical, astute, and decidedly well-rounded, Revolution changes the mundane into something extraordinary.” — IndiesToday

“David Dorrough’s debut novel, Revolution, is nothing if not enjoyable… At the onset, we’re introduced to a fairly normal middle-aged married couple, Bill and Yvonne, and the eclectic assortment of people in their Los Angeles orbit… And one can’t help but feel that Los Angeles itself is a silent character in the novel as we’re guided through her hills and valleys, her sprawling suburbs and the streets that run like arteries through Hollywood… Dorrough’s prose is fresh, believable, and highly entertaining. The humor and wit of the narrator is what truly makes this novel shine, and we ride along with these characters, like passengers in the backseats of their cars, immersed in their daily rituals and subtle adventures as they laugh and argue about everything and nothing, the perfect portrait of life itself.” — D. Michael Hardy, author of Pain & Longing and The Ghosts of Us

“A darkly humorous, lively, but unwieldy LA story anchored by marriage and melodrama… Dorrough’s take on family dynamics is an integral part of this book’s allure and, aside from the heavily dialogue-propelled prose, becomes the driving force of its readability. His writing style is casual, evenly paced, and convincingly conversational. The author does a terrific job setting up all of his players with their distinct personalities… Readers, particularly Southern Californians, will find the tale fun, alive with wry cultural criticism, and reflective of the contemporary worries facing urban families.” — Kirkus Reviews

“David Dorrough’s incisive novel, Revolution, charts the daily lives of a California-based couple and those within their social circle… The writing includes revealing details about each lead character that bring them to life… Readers may find the main characters amusing and will also be immersed in the scenes and sounds of Los Angeles as they follow the characters’ pursuits of their personal dreams.” — BlueInk Review

“The writing is gorgeous and punctuated by sparkling dialogues; the detailed descriptions offer strong imagery and plunge readers into the exciting inner worlds of these characters. The book is inventive and hugely imaginative while offering a realistic perspective on life with characters that deal with situations readers are confronted with every day.” — The Book Commentary

…AND, get this: we have a celebrity endorsement. Paul Schindler, who presented software reviews on the popular T.V. show Computer Chronicles in the 1980s and 90s, posted the following about REVOLUTION on Amazon:
“A funny, clever and witty look at life in a middle-class marriage in Los Angeles in the 21st century, with some nicely turned phrases (‘car beautification paraphernalia’ ; describing two cars, one a Cadillac and the other a ‘huge family style vehicle’) that brought a smile to my lips.”
Seriously, he really did!