Books – A radical alternative way to bring new content into your mind

You enjoy reading words, like these, right? Of course you do! Well, imagine thousands upon thousands of them, all strung out in a huge sequence, page after page. You could just read and read and read! Those pages need not even be on a screen. They could be on sheets of paper, all stacked up and bound together by… never mind, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Suffice it to say, this highly extended reading might not even involve any clicking or swiping. Anyway, it sounds fun, doesn’t it?

For a time, a rumor circulated that books were invented by David Dorrough, the author of REVOLUTION, but this is now widely believed not to be true (and to have been first suggested by David himself). In any case, many books exist, and REVOLUTION is one of them. And whether you’ve encountered books previously or not, making it the very next one you read would be a great decision. After all, it might become your favorite book of all time. If you’ve never read a book before then it definitely will, at least briefly. And, absolute worst-case scenario, it’ll become a book you’ve read. In other words, what have you got to lose?