More About David Dorrough

Honestly, David might be slightly irked if he knew that you’d wanted so desperately to learn about him that you were willing to click on a button (twice!)… And there really isn’t much to know, anyway—over the years David has firmly established himself as one of the most boring people alive (and presents a formidable challenge to some dead ones, too). But if you’re really that nosy, suit yourself and see below.

This is believed to be a fairly recent picture of David, taken immediately after he was told something very routine and unsurprising by a good friend whom he knew was standing right in front of him. David lives in Lake Wobegon with his wife of many years and their two cute-as-a-button children and their loyal dog, Spot. When he’s not writing, David enjoys walking, running, hiking, biking, hopscotch, spending quality time with his wonderful family, and all the other things that ordinary regular people enjoy.

And if you still think learning about David will help you get more out of reading REVOLUTION, you should know that David recently sat for an extensive interview with Lance Reece-Boyle of the prestigious magazine Sarasota Ledger of Obscure Books, excerpts from which will periodically be published on our “Latest” page. So check it out frequently, especially if you’re buying a copy of the book each time.