One book can’t be everything to everyone… Or can it?

No matter what type of book you’d like to read, REVOLUTION can be that type. It can be a mystery. It can be a romance. It can be action/adventure. The sky’s the limit with REVOLUTION—it’s just that versatile.

Or perhaps you’re concerned about reading a certain number of books, or reading them in a certain format—like newspaper, magazine, brochure, or coloring book. Well, REVOLUTION is available in every format imaginable. And, it can be divided into any number of volumes you’d like. Receive it as one single book with many chapters (and whatever number of pages you wish), or many books with one chapter apiece, or even as hundreds of books, each of which is only one page long (allowing you to truthfully say things like “I read three books today”).

Or, maybe you want to be able to say that you’ve read certain authors. Not a problem! The author of REVOLUTION has many pseudonyms, any of which can be printed on the cover, and some of which are similar to famous authors from the past. For example, he sometimes goes by the name Willem Faulkner. He has also called himself Willem Shakespeare. And many, many others.

Okay, we have to come clean with you. Most of the claims made above about REVOLUTION aren’t actually true. Okay, none of them are actually true. But so what? It’s still a great book that you should definitely read. Come on! Haven’t we convinced you by now? If not, we have one final argument to make: come on! See what we mean? Now go back up there and click that button. Or click this one instead: