Choose Fiction. Choose REVOLUTION.

REVOLUTION is a novel, meaning its contents are entirely fictional. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fiction offers lots of wonderful stuff like characters and settings and plotlines. It’s also well established that fiction is less strange than truth, so if you hate strangeness, works of fiction are the works for you. Furthermore, there’sContinue reading “Choose Fiction. Choose REVOLUTION.”

Games are fun!

You probably already know that REVOLUTION is fabulous for many activities, like weighing down a stack of papers on your desk, propping a door open, wrapping fish, and possibly reading. But you probably didn’t know that REVOLUTION can also be the source of many hours of mirth playing fun games with your family and friends.Continue reading “Games are fun!”

The most versatile book ever

If you’ve hesitated to buy REVOLUTION because you’re one of those folks who are fussy about their reading material, great news! No matter what type of book you’re looking for, REVOLUTION can be that type. It can be a mystery. It can be a romance. It can be action/adventure. The sky’s the limit with REVOLUTION—it’sContinue reading “The most versatile book ever”

For all you skeptics

To those of you who still haven’t bought REVOLUTION because you’re skeptical of its reputation as a fantastic book: bravo for being a careful critical thinker. But also, shame on you for being a fool. Because REVOLUTION is a fantastic book, with the potential to become your favorite book ever. And wouldn’t you want toContinue reading “For all you skeptics”

Hang on, what is a book, anyway?

Recently it’s come to our attention that some folks are confused by all the posts about REVOLUTION being a great book because they’re not familiar with the concept of a book. So let’s remedy that. You enjoy reading words, like these, right? Of course you do! Well, imagine thousands upon thousands of them, all strungContinue reading “Hang on, what is a book, anyway?”


Of course we’re very pleased that you always read these posts, and flattered that you regard every single one of them as fascinating, entertaining, and ingenious. But let’s always remember the real reason we’re here: to ensure the continuing success of a particular phenomenally great book. Yep, you know the one. Far more important thanContinue reading “Priorities”

Celebrating America’s Birthday

What’s the first idea that pops into your head when you think of the Fourth of July? If you’re like most people, it’s being curled up by yourself on the sofa in front of a nice warm fire, sipping hot cocoa and reading a great book. Mmm, so comfy and cozy. Well, believe it orContinue reading “Celebrating America’s Birthday”

A novel decades in the making

When David Dorrough first sat down to write REVOLUTION… he found it much easier than when he’d been writing standing up. We’re just joking, of course. Sometimes we like to indulge in a bit of humor here, heh. No, what we were actually going to say is that when David first sat down to writeContinue reading “A novel decades in the making”

Another exclusive!

We are excited to share yet another excerpt from a recent interview with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough, conducted by literary journalist Lance Reece-Boyle. DD: Well, Lance, no author is going to come right out and say, “I’m one of the greats,” but of course some of them do think they probably are, at least someContinue reading “Another exclusive!”

What good times we’ve had, eh?

People are constantly telling us how much they love reading these posts. Well, technically, nobody has actually told us that. But it’s just obvious—you love our posts and you’re very excited right now to be reading the latest one. How could you not be? In all honesty, though, there really isn’t anything new to reportContinue reading “What good times we’ve had, eh?”