The two types of people

To those of you who have already purchased at least one copy of REVOLUTION: bravo. Be sure to give yourself a well-deserved round of applause and/or pat on the back just as soon as you’ve bought another copy and convinced someone else to do the same. To the rest of you: we completely understand yourContinue reading “The two types of people”

Holiday special!

What’s the first idea that pops into your mind when you think of Memorial Day? If you’re like most people, it’s being curled up by yourself on the sofa in front of a nice warm fire, sipping hot cocoa and reading a great book. Well we’re going to help make that dream come true. ForContinue reading “Holiday special!”

Yet another exclusive!

We are very excited to bring you another exclusive excerpt from the extensive interview Lance Reece-Boyle recently conducted with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough. LRB: I recognize the next part of this interview might be somewhat uncomfortable for you…DD: Well, every part of it has been uncomfortable, Lance. This chair you gave me is hard asContinue reading “Yet another exclusive!”

Be kind to yourself

You know that feeling of complete peace, well-being and perfect health (both mental and physical) that’s brought on by reading REVOLUTION, right? Well, the latest research indicates that the very same body-and-soul total cleansing and healing can be induced simply by buying a copy of the book. It can be the paperback version or theContinue reading “Be kind to yourself”

Don’t be not smart!

If you haven’t yet purchased at least one copy of REVOLUTION, let this post serve as a gentle reminder that buying this phenomenal book is an extremely smart thing to do. And the sooner, the smarter. So come on, show how super-smart you are by buying REVOLUTION immediately! You won’t regret it. Very much. Probably.Continue reading “Don’t be not smart!”

A dollar’s worth of free advice

Over the past several weeks, many aspiring readers of REVOLUTION have contacted us to say that, though they’re very eager to read it, some issue or other with the book is challenging them. So we thought we’d address the most commonly cited difficulties here. First of all we want to make it clear that, regardlessContinue reading “A dollar’s worth of free advice”

Ooh, another exclusive!

We are excited to share another excerpt from a recent interview with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough, conducted by highly esteemed literary journalist Lance Reece-Boyle. LRB: Isn’t it true that, prior to writing this book, you’d had no experience with writing fiction, or anything else, for that matter?DD: Yes, correct.LRB: And you’d had no formal trainingContinue reading “Ooh, another exclusive!”

Perfect track record continues!

We are very proud to announce that, once again this week, not a single negative word about REVOLUTION was published in Newsweek, Time, Penthouse, or any other prestigious national magazine. Likewise, the editors of all the country’s major newspapers had absolutely nothing bad to say about this truly extraordinary book. We know you’ll wholeheartedly agreeContinue reading “Perfect track record continues!”

Greatest book ever written?

Is it possible that REVOLUTION is the greatest book ever written? No, of course not. But, according to its author, David Dorrough, he and several other well-respected literary types have speculated that, in all likelihood, REVOLUTION certainly ranks among the five hundred greatest novels about modern L.A. life written by a person with the initialsContinue reading “Greatest book ever written?”


We are excited to share the following excerpt from a recent interview with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough, conducted by literary journalist Lance Reece-Boyle. LRB: Thanks for sitting down with us today, Mr. Dorrough.DD: Please—my father was Mr. Dorrough. I think. Anyway, call me David.LRB: Thanks for sitting down with us today, David.DD: Us?LRB: Excuse me?DD:Continue reading “Exclusive!”