• Choose Fiction. Choose REVOLUTION.

    REVOLUTION is a novel, meaning its contents are entirely fictional. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fiction offers lots of wonderful stuff like characters and settings and plotlines. It’s also well established that fiction is less strange than truth, so if you hate strangeness, works of fiction are the works for you. Furthermore, there’s a rule enforced on fiction that it has to make sense. A quick glance at any piece of nonfiction (particularly a chemistry textbook or the Congressional Record) will demonstrate that no such rule applies to it. So if you want what you’re reading to make sense, choose fiction! And best of all, fiction tends to be less boring (though this might not be the case for REVOLUTION). So what are you waiting for? Click here to begin the buying process that will lead you to blissful fictional fulfillment!

  • Games are fun!

    You probably already know that REVOLUTION is fabulous for many activities, like weighing down a stack of papers on your desk, propping a door open, wrapping fish, and possibly reading. But you probably didn’t know that REVOLUTION can also be the source of many hours of mirth playing fun games with your family and friends. It’s true! For example, one great game is where you name as many characters as you can think of; another is to compete at ranking the characters in order of how many times they’re mentioned in the book (an answer key for both of these games is included inside every copy of REVOLUTION). You can also create your own awesome games by all of you buying and reading the book and then sharing ideas about what sort of game you might enjoy, e.g. Candy Land. But by far the best REVOLUTION-inspired game is the one in which all players compete to see who can purchase the most copies. It’s easy to play—check out all the simple ways to do it here. So come on, who wants to have some fun? Get out there and play to win!

  • The most versatile book ever

    If you’ve hesitated to buy REVOLUTION because you’re one of those folks who are fussy about their reading material, great news! No matter what type of book you’re looking for, REVOLUTION can be that type. It can be a mystery. It can be a romance. It can be action/adventure. The sky’s the limit with REVOLUTION—it’s just that versatile. Or perhaps you’re concerned about reading a certain number of books, or reading them in a certain format—like newspaper, magazine, brochure, or coloring book. Well, REVOLUTION is available in every format imaginable, and it can be divided into any number of volumes you’d like. Receive it as one single book with many chapters (and whatever number of pages you wish), or many books with one chapter apiece, or even as hundreds of books, each of which is only one page long (allowing you to truthfully say things like “I read three books today”). Or maybe you want to be able to say that you’ve read certain authors. Not a problem! The author of REVOLUTION has many pseudonyms, any of which can be printed on the cover, and some of which are similar to famous authors from the past. For example, he sometimes goes by the name Willem Faulkner. He has also called himself Willem Shakespeare. And many, many others. So relax, and buy REVOLUTION immediately. By the way, none of the claims made in this post are actually true.

  • For all you skeptics

    To those of you who still haven’t bought REVOLUTION because you’re skeptical of its reputation as a fantastic book: bravo for being a careful critical thinker. But also, shame on you for being a fool. Because REVOLUTION is a fantastic book, with the potential to become your favorite book ever. And wouldn’t you want to spend as large a percentage of your life as possible knowing that it’s your favorite book ever? Of course you would. So take a look at our reviews page or this page about dogs, and then brush aside your skepticism and do what you should’ve done months ago: buy REVOLUTION. Still not convinced? Well we have one more bit of persuasion for you: come on! See what we mean? Now go buy it.

  • Hang on, what is a book, anyway?

    Recently it’s come to our attention that some folks are confused by all the posts about REVOLUTION being a great book because they’re not familiar with the concept of a book. So let’s remedy that. You enjoy reading words, like these, right? Of course you do! Well, imagine thousands upon thousands of them, all strung out in a huge sequence, page after page. You could just read and read and read! Those pages need not even be on a screen. They could be on sheets of paper, all stacked up and bound together by… never mind, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Suffice it to say, this highly extended reading might not even involve any clicking or swiping. Anyway, it sounds fun, doesn’t it? For a time, a rumor circulated that books were invented by David Dorrough, the author of REVOLUTION, but this is now widely believed not to be true (and to have been first suggested by David himself). In any case, many books exist, and REVOLUTION is one of them. And whether you’ve encountered books previously or not, making it the very next one you read would be a great decision. After all, it might become your favorite book of all time. If you’ve never read a book before then it definitely will, at least briefly. And, absolute worst-case scenario, it’ll become a book you’ve read. In other words, what have you got to lose? Hope that clears everything up.

  • Priorities

    Of course we’re very pleased that you always read these posts, and flattered that you regard every single one of them as fascinating, entertaining, and ingenious. But let’s always remember the real reason we’re here: to ensure the continuing success of a particular phenomenally great book. Yep, you know the one. Far more important than reading our posts is routinely purchasing more copies of REVOLUTION, from our own shop or from any of the retailers listed here. Most important of all, however, is to constantly spread the word about REVOLUTION. Be sure to tell all your friends about it, repeatedly. Imaginary friends are fine but real friends are ideal for this. If you run out of friends to tell, make some new ones as quickly as possible (if necessary we’ll happily arrange a session with Life Coach Chet Whitaker to help you with this (if you have no idea who he is, you didn’t actually read the book—shame!))… and consider also telling others, like total strangers and people you hate. Thanks a bunch, you’re the best.

  • Celebrating America’s Birthday

    What’s the first idea that pops into your head when you think of the Fourth of July? If you’re like most people, it’s being curled up by yourself on the sofa in front of a nice warm fire, sipping hot cocoa and reading a great book. Mmm, so comfy and cozy. Well, believe it or not, we can help make Independence Day dreams come true—because REVOLUTION is the perfect fireside read. And for a limited time only, if you buy a copy from each of the retailers listed here, we’ll give you an additional bonus copy for the bargain-basement price of $15. Just put the book in your cart and the special deal will automatically be applied at checkout. You’re welcome.

  • A novel decades in the making

    When David Dorrough first sat down to write REVOLUTION… he found it much easier than when he’d been writing standing up. We’re just joking, of course. Sometimes we like to indulge in a bit of humor here, heh. No, what we were actually going to say is that when David first sat down to write REVOLUTION, he couldn’t have imagined that one day there’d be an entire fabulous website, full of engrossing, erudite posts like this one, devoted to his book. Granted, he didn’t even know what websites were, much less the fact that pretty much anybody can get one. But still, pretty miraculous how everything has unfolded with REVOLUTION, isn’t it? Truly inspiring. And it doesn’t stop there, either! Did you know there was a time when David Dorrough didn’t know how to write, or even how to read? It’s true. He had to learn how to read (assisted by many caring, noble, wonderful people) so that he could begin writing REVOLUTION several decades later. Yes, we know you’re speechless right now, with a full heart. Take a moment to wipe away your tears and collect yourself before clicking the Buy button at the top of this page.

  • Another exclusive!

    We are excited to share yet another excerpt from a recent interview with REVOLUTION author David Dorrough, conducted by literary journalist Lance Reece-Boyle.

    DD: Well, Lance, no author is going to come right out and say, “I’m one of the greats,” but of course some of them do think they probably are, at least some of the time. They can’t help it. And why shouldn’t they? They probably are one of the greats, in most cases.
    LRB: Yes…
    DD: Other people, though—not the authors themselves but others, like critics and fans—will just say it flat-out sometimes: “That person is truly great, with a capital G. She or he absolutely is one of the great writers.” And often these claims are very well justified.
    LRB: Right…
    DD: Anyway, claims like that about me would be poorly justified—so poorly, in fact, that they’d fall into a special category known as “dead wrong.”
    LRB: Okay…
    DD: But that’s fine, Lance. Because no such claims have ever been made about me, or ever will be. I am definitely not one of the greats, and everyone knows it.
    LRB: Indeed…
    DD: But I do think a real strength of mine as an author is my clear-eyed, incisive self-evaluation. The phrase “I’m one of the greats” would never consider, in its wildest dreams, floating through my mind, not even for a split second. No—I understand myself in astoundingly fine-grained detail, and I know, without a doubt, precisely the type of author I am: not great. Do you see what I mean, Lance?
    LRB: Yes, sure. But the question I asked was: what are your favorite pizza toppings?

  • What good times we’ve had, eh?

    People are constantly telling us how much they love reading these posts. Well, technically, nobody has actually told us that. But it’s just obvious—you love our posts and you’re very excited right now to be reading the latest one. How could you not be? In all honesty, though, there really isn’t anything new to report this week regarding REVOLUTION. Mind you, it is still a great, great book that everybody should definitely buy and should definitely recommend to anyone they’ve ever met… and that some people perhaps should read. Anyway, since this post doesn’t contain much, we encourage you to take the opportunity to look back through all the previous wonderful posts here and re-enjoy them all over again. You’re (still) welcome.